Orthopaedic Specialties


  • Total hip replacement
  • Revision (redo hip replacement)
Special interest: 
  • management of the painful hip replacement


  • Total knee replacement
  • Unicompartment knee replacement
  • Revision knee replacement  (redo knee replacement)
  • Arthroscopy including meniscal repair and ligament reconstruction/repair
Special interest: 
  1. Anatomical alignment for knee replacement
  2. Management of the painful knee replacement

Trauma (broken bones & joint injuries)

  • Most Fractures (not spine or hand)
  • Knee joint injuries
  • Sequelae of fractures:
    • non-union (bone not healed)
    • mal-union (bone healed in abnormal position)
    • infection
    • pain and metal wear issues
Special interest: 
  1. Geriatric fractures
  2. Periprosthetic (involving joint replacements) fractures around the hip and knee
Orthopaedic Specialties